about the project

The authority file of the Iraqi authors represents an important cultural and technical initiative in the field of organizing knowledge and facilitating access. This project plans to improve search and retrieval processes in Iraqi libraries and cultural centers, which have been negatively affected by political and cultural crises over the past decades.


Benefits of the project

1- Standardization of the wording of names: the Authority file aims to standardize the wording of the names of Iraqi authors, which facilitates the search and retrieval process and reduces confusion and inconsistency in the notation of names.
2- Providing information on the locations of physical items: the Authority file seeks to provide accurate information about the whereabouts of the physical items of Iraqi authors in libraries and cultural centers, making it easier for researchers to find these works easily.
3- It acts as a connecting hub between the different versions of the authors ' names through the available referrals (see and see also), which facilitates the search.
4- Ease of obtaining a unified name in libraries by providing a unified list of names on a website.
5- Serving researchers and beneficiaries through the control of authority records.
6- It reduces the cost of cataloging setup and maintenance, saving time and effort.
7- Contribute to the creation of high-quality indexes.


Project stages

1- We have developed a form to set the names of authors, which the owner of the intellectual production fills out and sends to the Center for Cataloging and Information Systems.
2- Listing the names of authors based on their works, as the works of authors are one of the basic sources relied upon in documenting authority names. In addition to other sources such as indexes, translation sources, websites, and other sources of information.
3- Address the authors when there is a shortage or error in the data required for the authority record by contacting via phone or e-mail, and others.
4- If the author is deceased, the form can be filled out by his children or relatives and sent to the website of Iraqi authors.
5- To carry out a process of Investigation and legalization of registrations according to the rules of cataloging, especially the (RDA) Resource description and access, for adoption as an authority record.
6- For religious scholars, it is based on the date of his birth, death, or activity.